• STRENGTHENING nonprofits

  • ENGAGING community


  • FORWARDING your mission


Your work is vital to our community!  As a nonprofit organization or church we recognize the financial realities of funding the unique programs, services and ministries you seek to provide.  For over twenty years, The Breton Group has established the necessary expertise to assist you in fund development.  Our experienced team is here to partner with you in designing and developing a customized plan to tell your story, engage the community and inspire heartfelt and generous support for your mission.

Service Areas

  • Feasibility Studies

    While we encourage dreaming big, we strongly encourage testing the dream against the backdrop of reality to ensure a successful outcome!

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  • Capital Campaigns

    It's about community--our consultants' customized and dynamic approach to fundraising is uniquely designed to build community while achieving your fundraising goals!

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  • Fund Development Planning

    Because sometimes it's not as easy as it may seem. Designed for small to mid-size nonprofit organizations, our team will help you build a successful and robust donor cultivation and solicitation plan.

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  • Database Management

    It all starts here. Like the well-planned infrastructure of a city, your database provides the foundation and framework for housing information about the stakeholders who are the underpinning of your organization.

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Who We Serve

  • Churches

    The Breton Group ensures your church's values, mission and teachings are at the center of campaign and development program design.

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  • Nonprofit Organizations

    The heart of any community,

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  • Libraries

    The full spectrum resource hub and gathering space . . .

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  • Schools and Education Foundations

    Creating opportunity for today’s students and tomorrow’s leaders ...

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