Knowledge is Power

At the foundation of every growing and desirable community is a strong educational system that offers public, private and parochial school options.  We work with schools, school systems and districts and educational foundations to address their immediate and long-term financial needs.  Our services include campaign planning, grant writing, feasibility studies, capital campaigns and millage/bond campaigns.



  • Case For Support

    The core of any annual or capital campaign effort is the case for support or the “why” document. Most non-profits find it relatively a simple task to document what they need – bigger buildings, expanded space, more operational dollars but they struggle with telling their donors why they need the dollars and what the expected outcomes of the investment are to be. Our experienced and trained staff guide a process that assists the organization develop their unique story of why which is then the guiding document for the entire campaign effort.

  • Leadership Training and Support

    Schools, like other community non-profits have the benefit of development efforts under way with volunteers with a variety of development or campaign experience. Where The Breton group shines is in its ability to help schools attract, train and support critical campaign solicitors to raise needed funds for success of the effort. Volunteers are busy people and expect and deserve volunteer support in their roles as ambassadors for the non-profits they serve.

  • Communications

    Communicating with the various constituent groups that would be prospects for any effort is vital to its eventual success. Utilizing the written Case for Support it is imperative to plan a comprehensive communications effort to all groups over the life of the campaign effort. Our experienced staff helps guide this planning and execution using a variety of means including electronic and the available and emerging social media channels.