Our Window to the World

A window to the world opens when you enter the library and the door closes behind you. This world of hushed tones and booming volumes of information continues to be updated to meet the changing needs of our communities. Libraries provide access to technology, discussion forums, book readings and myriad programs to people from all walks of life.  Our work with more than 60 Michigan public libraries has helped communities, large and small, build new libraries and expand current facilities to better meet changing community needs.




  • Needs Assessment Support

    Our team has developed a unique service that assists the library staff and volunteers in assessing community needs, determining, based upon tested benchmarks, the appropriate amount of program space, projected costs and a realistic funding plan to support the project. All this before engaging additional professional fees and associated costs.


  • Public/Private Partnerships

    From our initial capital campaign in Greenville in 1997, we learned the power of combining private giving with publicly supported library efforts. Local businesses and philanthropic leaders who understand the unique access that libraries bring to their communities often have stepped up and made major investments in library projects to elevate the level of optimism and inspire funding partnerships needed for their communities.

  • Training and Support

    Most libraries have not been in the practice of raising private funds and have remained dependent on public dollars for operations and many times bonds/millage for capital improvements. Therefore, when their local boards and volunteers are faced with a possible capital expansion, they have had few resources to assist them in establishing a successful campaign effort. Our services are uniquely designed to meet the needs of largely inexperienced library staff and and volunteers in developing a campaign plan and staffing and training volunteers to successfully execute the plan.