Faith Communities

Churches are the faith backbone of our communities and our country. From small rural communities, to sprawling suburban congregations to the central city congregations, churches are a gathering place for worship, for outreach, for knitting together and building faith communities. The Breton Group is particularly suited to help your congregation take the steps in investing in your church by supporting a funding plan including campaigns, fund capital improvements, expansion, deferred maintenance or ministry needs.



  • Information

    Campaigns are more than just raising money for buildings, they are ways to fund your mission as a faith community. Helping our clients developing their story and teaching them how to convey those message is at the heart of any successful capital campaign effort. We walk with your team the entire way with needed support and provided resources to for you to get the needed information conveyed to all members consistently throughout the effort.

  • Involvement

    It is of great value and purpose to success that our campaigns involve as many households in the campaign as possible. The more people are involved in a project the more they are able to learn and understand before they are asked to make a gift to the campaign. Our experienced staff is able to move beyond the households that “typically” do most of the work in churches and invite greater participation. It is common for our clients to have a majority of the active households actively involved in some aspect of the campaign.

  • Maximize Giving

    Financial Giving – and asking for financial gifts in a church setting are important to the campaigns but also sensitive issues. Sensitivity, coupled with the reluctance of many volunteers to actually make financial request of fellow parishioners makes for a challenge to overcome in order to achieve success. Our experienced staff have developed unique methods, trained and coached many congregations maximizing support from the majority of members while doing so in a style that leaves people feeling good about their participation.